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Golf Clinics - Four day golf clinic

To improve your golf you must do 3 things. Spend more time learning from a golf professional, more time practising and playing more golf. Spending four memorable days with us at Riviera on Vaal Hotel & Country Club enjoying 30 hours of golf learning, practising and playing with our PGA qualified golf instructors will be just what you need to take your golf game to the next level.

This could be a great idea for you, or as a gift for a keen golfing partner.

Over the course of the four days you will:

  • Learn about the principles of the golf swing.
  • Learn the correct putting technique and evaluation.
  • Learn scoring and distance control principles. Understand how to read a green and to putt.
  • Learn chipping principles and how to produce a consistent trajectory and distance.
  • Learn how to hit pitch shots, practice pitching at distance targets and how to play out of different lies.
  • Learn how to play bunker shots, play from different lies in sand and how to hit short or longer bunker shots.
  • Learn how to build up your golf swing from putting to chipping to pitching and then into full swing. It is all one motion, just slightly longer swings.
  • Play 9 holes learning about course management, aggressive and defensive positions.
  • Play 9 holes learning about lay up shots, best side of the fairway to attack the flag from, how to play a hole in the least amount of shots as possible.

Day 1: Etiquette, rules of golf, basics of golf, grip, stance, posture, ball position. etc.

Day 2: Golf swing, chipping, putting, pitch and putt.

Day 3: Long irons, difficult lies, pitch and putt.

Day 4: Overview, and playing lesson (9 holes on the golf course).

R 2 500 per person for 4 days

(Maximum of 4 golfers: 1 golf pro ratio)

(Subject to availability)